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Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.”

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

new washing machine for Christmas...

quick note... if you are looking for an obama chia for a loved one (as I am) they have been pulled from the shelves due to racists complaints!!!! OH NO! Not to worry, I found one at Amazon and am having it shipped directly to my loved one (who obviously knows its coming) because it's on back order! Man these things are a hit.... so weird

Just what I wanted for Christmas.... our washing machine broke. You can't go without that for a single day without your house turning into a pile of dirty clothes (esp with a new little girl in the house!)

I need everyone to help me get in the Christmas spirit. Actually, I need you all to get buddy in the Christmas spirit. Jeff and Stevanie are hosting a Christmas party this Friday night, so maybe that will help. I have always decorated for Christmas early - as early as October and always before Thanksgiving... always. Not this year, I don't have one ornament or twinkle light anywhere in sight. When we cleaned out the guest room to convert it to the nursery, we put all of the Christmas garb in the attic. I do not climb ladders especially ones that lead to attics! So all of my decor is out of reach. Buddy could not care any less about Christmas, a real scruge he is, so unless something drastic happens in a hurry, we will not have Christmas at our house.

A new washing machine has not helped awaken the Christmas spirit. Josh Grobin's Christmas CD is waiting in my car, but even that hasn't done it. This calls for drastic measures.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm so sorry....and selfish

I am so sorry for hogging this baby all to myself and not sharing via blog as I should. I just can't be bothered with things like uploading pics and computers. She's so sweet and fun, who cares about the blog. 

Here's some kind of update, hopefully I'm back on track and blogging regularly as I am told to do!

Hey, we love her!

First off...... GRADUATION 

We are so proud of Daddy! Thank goodness school is finally out forEVA
She did great for the big grad day. Until she woke up! We had a full schedule. 
Dinner with Daddy's parents at 4pm. Arrive at the Hump at 6pm. Ceremony at 7pm. Leave Hump at what felt like 2am.... I think it was actually 10pm, not sure. 

She didn't want to eat (more interested in napping) at 5pm before we had to get a move on to make it to the Hump. Well, we get there and she's still sleeping. I start to get concerned when it's been 5 hours and no meal. (She usually eats every 3) She woke up, REFUSED her bottle in her diva style and we headed to the women's PUBLIC restroom to nurse. I'm not sure what my plan was when I got to the bathroom but I wanted to get some food in her tummy. 

Ok, notice that I am in a scarf and sweater dress.... nuff said. I found sweet Anita working graduation in the concourse and she directed me (and mom is now with me - came to check on the baby) to a closet that said "FIRST AID" on the door. If you were in need of first aid, you would not find it in this closet. So, we get her fed and she poops. So we head back to the women's PUBLIC restroom for our first diaper change on a nasty PUBLIC changing table. 
I have plenty enough gear to keep all parts of her from touching any part of that changer. So, finally full belly, check. Clean booty, check. Head back to our seats and daddy is about to cross the stage!!!!

Where's the CAMERA?! I mean we were cutting it close but I got some very blurry shots of him crossing the stage but most important thing.... I heard them say "Bryan C Mattison"  that was worth nursing in a closet any day!
Congrats Daddy, we're so very proud.

I do not have a picture of our day of torture Dec 2 (AKA 2 months shots drs appt) but it was HORRIBLE. We all cried and she screamed like I've never heard her scream before. Probably b/c I've never stabbed her sweet thighs with huge needles. She totally forgot about all of it after a good nap, but I cried again the next day. Worst day of her short life so far, hands down. And we have to do it all over again in another 2 months. We may run away to Mexico where they don't care if you immunize. 

Gracie supports our bulldogs and is not a fair weather fan. Everyone around our seats is so excited about seeing her in her cheer suit next season! (We don't know them at all, but they are very invested since they saw me VERY pregnant at the first two home games and then not so pregnant at the last two!)

Can't wait to cart her and all her gear to the games.... good times


She is a super star and should have her picture on the cover of the rolling stone! I'm currently working on getting her some gigs. She acted just like any diva would. She pitched fits and had to be petted and spoiled a lot during her 2 hour shoot. We love Sarah and Melissa at Twice the Focus Photography in Mathiston! Here's their work. 

Also can't wait to see Tricia Hopper Butts' (of Betty Donne Photography) artsy fartsy pics the week of Christmas, so watch for those! 
(her real daddy's arms holding that sweet baby)
(pretending to be asleep and angelic... I think she nailed it)

That is all... consider yourself updated!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Is daddy in the sky???

Gracie thinks she's 16 already.... We tried our bumbo and she's just barely big enough to sit in it.
At first she LOVES it. I must have been a little too excited about her being so big sitting in her bumbo cuz she immediately freaked out and was DONE with the bumbo sitting. She's so funny.

Daddy flew an airplane..... here's some of his pics. Me and Gracie look outside a lot during the day and we always talk about, "where's daddy?" Since he flew, we look in the sky for him daily. She seems to like the game even though it has no point. She's happy with it. 
I'm ready for daddy to get his pilot's license so we can cut that trip to Florida to see Uncle Michael in half! YAY 

Here's all the uncles.... they love her. 

uncle michael

Uncle Dan'l

uncle kyle

Daddy killed a deer the week after we got Gracie home. She's got food to eat and a place to sleep. We're all set.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I absolutely cannot believe we're starting the 4th week at home. That is CRAZY!  Gracie has good days and bad days and mostly good nights. She only wakes up to eat, but the trick is getting her to go back to sleep! 

It's late. Not uploading pics at this time, but I promise I will get on here with some good head shots soon. (I have made my official request for our first Betty Donne Photography professional photo shoot by Tricia Hopper Butts and cannot wait to see Gracie strut her stuff. Well, she'll probably just lay there, but it will be adorable either way)

Daddy is in charge of bath time and does a fantastic job of it. She LOVES her bath and her daddy and I love for him to hand me a clean, spit-up free, and amazing smelling wee one! Bath nights are great! (If I were on top of my game I would post a pic or even a bath video here...I'll do better)

We read Good Night Moon a lot... a lot. It makes me sleepy and sometimes it makes her sleepy too. 

Our only problem is keeping her food in her tummy. She's a ferocious eater (dubbed "lil piggy") but gets a little too excited about how well she can eat and sucks down too much air or something. Not sure how to remedy this problem but my entire house is about to be covered in spit up if we don't figure out something. She is the absolute best baby, as long as her tummy feels ok. It's so sad to watch (and hear) her in pain.... nasty tum tum.

Attention moms-to-be. Do not listen to anyone who says, "don't buy newborn sized anything, they'll outgrow it in no time" IDIOTS! I listened and we had to get some NB size crap ASAP when we got home cuz everything else swallowed her. We didn't have a single sock that would stay on her foot! She's 4 weeks old (I'm guessing near 9 lbs) and still wearing NB sized cutie pieces and they fit perfectly. Glad we have plenty of NB sized pretties because the princess has to change clothes 4 or 5 times a day (due to spit up mishaps but we'll ignore the reason behind the wardrobe changes)

Did I mention we all LOVE her..... we are all still worthless. 

Thursday, October 8, 2009

She's here!!!

All 4 generations. We're celebrating Nanny's 90th bday this December. She has 11 babies and I've already called desperate for advice! She's still got it.... Gracie loved her.

Clean baby.... best smell in the world

Sleeping beauty! 

Daddy's Princess... no really, she is daddy's girl already! 

First trip to the dr's office. I'm feeling that I must document every second of her life, so we took a picture of this too. Her tummy was really hurting her, so we had to go figure out what was wrong. Turns out, she has reflux and simple fix is peppermint flavored miracle drug. Kudos to Dr. Shirley because Gracie is now a completely different baby since we fixed her lil tum tum. 

We're home... hospital bracelets and all. You cannot see her outfit at all, but that is the dress I came home in. Maybe I'll put it back on her and pretend that it's our homecoming day for the sake of a good picture. 

Daddy's first night with his new girl in the hospital. We had her at 4:57 and didn't get her in our room until midnight. The poor woman who kept coming in to take my blood pressure every 15 min (we could hear her cart coming down the hall)...... I finally told her that she was a huge disappointment and that if she didn't wheel a baby in there she couldn't come back. 

Don't let our HUGE grins fool you, we're scared to death. Gracie screamed the entire first hour of her life. I'm pretty sure it's because she was scared of us too! 

Last but not least.... Sweet dr furniss! This is Gracie's first picture when she is just seconds old. We had the absolute best experience at OCH and we already LOVED dr furniss, but having her there to deliver Gracie was very special. At one point, buddy said, "I don't think this could have gone any better!" and I totally agree. Perfect day all around. 

First off, sorry to the demanding public, but it's pretty dang busy around our house with the new princess! We jump at her every command =) But you finally have some pictures. Don't worry, I'm taking tons. I just have to stop staring at her long enough to upload the things. 

We had a sad first two days with her tummy pain and reflux, but we have miracle medicine and she's a new woman! Just smiling and peeing and pooping and sleeping and pooping again... we LOVE her. I didn't know anybody's baby could be so perfect and beautiful, but wouldn't you know that the perfect child would be mine. 

Her sweet daddy is just smitten as can be! I'm not sure if she likes him more of if he likes her more. They're a pretty cute couple napping on the couch all the time. 

We had the most amazing labor and delivery experience. The nurses and drs at OCH were phenomenal! The L&D nurses loved my gownie and kept sending in other nurses to see it. Naturally, they put me in a great mood since they all oooed and ahhhhed over how cute I looked while in LABOR. I love them. Also, I joked a lot about how buddy would be the worst labor coach ever, but he was a rock star in the delivery room! As soon as we got there, he went into "daddy zone." They told me I had to wear the nasty hospital issued gown, but when I came out of the bathroom in that nasty thing, daddy said.... absolutely not! So, he fixed it immediately. Sweet man. Who wants to go through all of that while feeling uglier than you have to? 

If you've been around us for more than 5 minutes, you know that we like to laugh and have a good time no matter what. Well, Gracie's birth is no exception. The dr was holding the phone with one hand (talking to her nurse at the clinic about the patient she had to leave for me) and catching Gracie with the other. I was throwing up and our 4 nurses and buddy were all laughing at the chaos. It was hilarious and even though I was only laughing on the inside..... their laughter made me not worry about anything going wrong. Overall, we had an awesome experience and the expressions on our faces in our first family pic at 4:57 pm are so funny. They had just put Gracie on my belly, she's only a few seconds old, and we both are in "deer in headlight" mode staring at this little girl like..... what do we do now?! Then it hit us both. You LOVE her and the rest just falls right into place. 

Buddy (also now called daddy) and I spent Gracie's first hour of her life with just the three of us (plus all of our nurses and our dr) and that was the fastest hour of our lives. We passed her back and forth and introduced ourselves. I played with her feet and shook my head at how much hair she has. I joke sometimes when daddy asks what we're doing, "oh, I'm just braiding her hair!" She was beautiful the first second we saw her and so worth every second of our 2 hour pushing session. She was present enough, but daddy did so good and got me a "push present" in addition to the sweet baby you get as a reward. Check it out, it's bee-u-t-ful and I can't wait to give it to Gracie when she has her first baby. 

My baby is hungry.... more to come later. And yes, we know, she is the most beautiful baby in the world. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stubborn girl..... who did she get that from?

Drs appt this week was not a huge success to me, but in reality everything is just right! We seem to have one cozy, healthy, happy, and lazy baby. She LOVES me and does not want to leave. What can I say?

My sweet Dr flat out told me and buddy that she did not expect to see this baby before the due date. In fact, she's going to some med conference in Cincinnati and won't be back until my due date. She did say she was on-call this weekend if I could make something happen! If not, I go back Oct 1. She will not induce unless I have progressed some or am one week overdue. She will also not "let" me go past the week of Oct 12. (Pretty sure I will not be able to wait that long without asking to be induced!) Oct 12.... who is she kidding?

6 days until the due date, piece of cake. Speaking of cake...

I needed something to make me slow down on all of the sweets I've consumed in the past 9 months. Well, some poor woman in Indonesia was God's chosen vessel to help me out with that. Bless her heart! She holds the record for giving birth (C-sec of course) to the largest newborn....19 friggin lbs.
Lesson learned, "above average" kids are not always better!

Word on the street is, that poor lil averaged sized newborn pooped his diaper when he saw that monstrosity! And, let the nightmares begin.

So, we finally made it to a watermelon! My lil poppy seed is now a watermelon. Wonder when she'll turn into a newborn?! I'm tired of seeds, fruits, and veggies.... we need a newborn!
Mom has been digging out some fun goodies.... my blanket (probably mine, we think!)

I got her a mobile that is not "matchy, matchy." Totally out of character for me, but this will make her smart (and sleepy we hope) so it's way better than a matchy, matchy pink and green pointless one.

What if Gracie is a boy?! We've all of the sudden started to wonder.... what if they were wrong all those times? Hope he likes PINK..... everything is pink. Everything.

My clothes..... precious. And they still smell of cedar even though they've been washed twice already.

And TA-DAH!!!! my favorite toy of all time! The original Big Wheel! She has two already (one from Aunt Sara and one from Retta). Two is the perfect number to have of each favorite thing I think! One at my house and one at Retta's..... We couldn't give her my actual Big Wheel because I rode the wheels off of it. Man I wish I could take this for a test drive!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Jackson week

Ewe.....I know that's disgusting, but you have to laugh. I USED to have little feet. Little ankles and I don't remember my toes being quite that "sausage-like." Sonya helps me laugh about this, but it's not at all funny. It's gross and doesn't feel too great either. But, like buddy says, "they will go back to normal soon!" I sure hope so =) Also, my fall color is OPI "magnifico in Mexico" and it did make me feel a little better about my sausage toes.
Well, we made it through Jackson recruiting week! Excellent fairs this year and very nice, respectful, and smart kids! Hope we see them in the next couple of years....
Several drs (OB/GYNs) attend college fairs (cuz they have college age children) and they all noticed and correctly diagnosed my condition. UH-MAY-ZIN. Well they were actually very nice and offered their services in their fancy Jackson women's centers / hospitals, etc, but I unfortunately never needed to call any of them!

Jimmy Kight's sweet dr gave me his Castor oil recipe, but I'm too chicken to use it, plus I'm just not 100% miserable yet. I AM anxious to meet her and uncomfortable, but not enough to try anything drastic. Gracie seems to be in charge, so we'll just let her decide when to get here (unless she takes too long to decide then we will certainly decide for her!)

It's September 18... the day we had picked and really gotten my heart set on, but I'm still very, very pregnant. Consider yourself updated...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Everyone is getting my hopes up.....

We had a super fun shower 3 of 3 this past Wednesday night. I told buddy, there is no way we will ever be able to keep up this level of "spoiled rotten" now. I mean, is there anything this baby still needs? I think not! We may not even have room for her because of all of her pretties. But we'll make room =) She has some sweet

Everyone says we'll never make it 4 more weeks. Also, mom and I have picked September 18 as our estimated delivery date (full moon and all). I took a fun quiz online per a coworker's request and it estimates just what we're hoping for...2 weeks from now!!! Gracie, if you can hear me (and I know you can) if you're a good girl and behave all week in Jackson from Sept 13-18. Then you can have a prize that Friday night! A BIRTHDAY. You only get one birthdate for your whole life so make it count!

Anyone want to chime in with your delivery date predictions?
Here's what thinks - as if they're some kind of authority.

"Your labor prediction quiz results are below.....
Get your bags packed early just in case you need them. Make sure your partner has a phone available when he's away because this baby just might come early. We predict your baby will come 2-3 weeks early. Your baby will most likely be born in the morning. Justmommies predicts that your baby will weigh approximately 8.8 pounds and that your labor will be about 12 hours long.
This is for entertainment purposes only." (I love their disclaimer!)

Come on Sept 18!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Making Progress...

Went to the dr this morning. We're 36 weeks. She'll be full term Sept 15 and due Sept 30. Gracie is head down (good girl!!!) and her heart rate was good. My blood pressure is better than its ever been in my life. I've started to progress, but haven't noticed any contractions, although I read where a midwife tried to explain the "fake" non-progress-producing contractions and she said... "Does the baby ever stick its butt out? Well that's a contraction" hmmmmm, so maybe I have. Obviously not a REAL one or I would know it.

I pre-admitted at the hospital and they said that buddy can bring snacks and his toys (laptop and phone) to keep him occupied. So,everyone should get regular updates =)

Best news, I LOST 1 POUND. I've never been more proud of losing one measly pound in all my life..... hopefully we'll hang out right at 29 lb gain until she gets here! That would be lovely. Going back Sept 11 to see if anything's happening. If not, I get to take my work trip to Jackson Sept 14 - 18! My goal is to make it through Jackson recruiting week =) Then on the way home on Sept 18, those fun hills just outside Flowood surely will help speed things along. I plan on taking those bumps at about 90 mph!

Also, Corbin Lee Tehan is ready for his girlfriend to arrive, so I will try to accommodate. He looks like he's sleeping, but he's dreaming about their first date.
So cute!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm too insane to blog this is just crazy stressful times at our place.

We've had so much going on at our house lately, that I can't even walk straight (although that too is probably pregnancy related)
Our garage door was fussy, buddy fixed it. Our element in our water heater went out and we've been showering in Gracie's bathroom for 3 weeks. Element comes in, buddy fixes it, and then the water people with no warning.... mess with our water. We wake up to a foyer full of water. Thanks for the heads up people! Then we get the lovely boil water notice and no water pressure. That's fixed, thank goodness for running water! And we now have hot water in bathroom again, cause buddy fixed that too. His headlight went out, and he got a ticket for it! (that's not fixed yet, if anyone wants to take that one?!) But he fixed the light, so that's good. As I type this, it seems like all of this shouldn't have been such a big deal, but for some reason, living through it was a nightmare... go figure.

I did go to the chiropractor for the first time ever, and it was nice. Quick visit though, and I would have liked a massage at the end, but oh well. Gracie is making me crooked, so I'm going back tomorrow. Everyone told me, "don't let him near your neck!" In the waiting room, we talked about it again and giggled. I made it very clear that I was there for lower back pain, so I was sure that we wouldn't have any issues with discussing the neck. The topic eventually came up. When the dr asked if my neck had been hurting... mid adjustment.... buddy busted out laughing. This turned out to be a good thing, because it saved me from getting my neck cracked!

She should be here in 3-5 weeks and I'm 100% ready and 100% not ready at all... at the same time! It's pure madness.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Bedroom wall art by Barbara Stewart

Bathroom wall art by Barbara Coleman and Kelli Peacock

I posted what pictures I have (I was busy opening gifts!) at the bottom of the page in a shower slideshow.

The good friends shower:
August 2, Sonya Gholston, Barbara Stewart, and Elaine Reed hosted a very very fun and fabulous shower at Bulldog Deli. I had a blast playing some silly games, and Gracie got such pretty things. We had a delicious carrot cake that had too much left over and I was FORCED to take it home with me (in addition to a lovely cookie platter). Good day.

The good church family shower:
August 9, Paula Jones, Jackie Nason, Ann Brown, Denise Coleman, Barbara Coleman and Kelli Peacock hosted another spectacular Gracie Extravaganza! Kelli and Barbara were their usual crafty selves and made posters, detailed cupcakes, a diaper cake, Peacock carved a watermelon baby carriage, it goes on and on. It was adorable. Another good day.

This baby is super loved and way too spoiled already.

The good people at work shower:
Shower 3 of 3 is coming up and it's sure to be yet another awesome event! After this kind of high, it's no wonder new moms go through depression when reality sets in.... Unless buddy can somehow figure out how to throw a party every week and keep this going, I'm doomed.

We had a great visit with Uncle Michael this weekend (even if we had to endure the stupid motorcycle rally). I stayed in the air conditioning as much as possible and was a real party pooper. But hey, it's hot out there and I'm HUGE. Next time we see him, we'll have a sweet baby girl to show off! Can't wait...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Good girl...RIP Prissy

Sad, sad day. Our sweet Prissy girl is finally resting good. We are so silly about animals, aren't we? But if you've ever had a family pet, you know how much they are loved. We just can't help it. She is definitely part of our family.
I love this picture of her. We had a sleepover at my house while her mom went to Florida to visit my brother, and I had a big pile of blankets that I had folded to put up in the closet. Well, she found the goose down comforter and a blanket and we noticed that it was quiet and she was hiding somewhere....She had hit the blanket jackpot! So I just had to snap some pictures of her peeking out of the blankets. So glad I did. We miss you Priss! Such a good, pretty girl.

Monday, August 3, 2009

breakfast fairy

I've been giving bryan a hard time about.... well, that we'll probably starve unless he knows how to prepare some food before the baby gets here. (this would never happen... if you've ever met my mother, you understand. Plus, it's not like I've been cooking a lot lately, so we've learned to manage already)
So this morning I wake up at 6 am with some rumbling in my kitchen. It's buddy making cinnamon rolls! Very, very sweet man today.
I took a picture (in disbelief I guess) and he said immediately, "do not put that on the blog"
Can't help it! sorry, have to document this occasion =) in case it never happens again

Also.....I am an idiot and just laid my camera down at the shower yesterday as if it works by itself... it just sat there the whole entire time with not one picture taken. So, I'm requesting all attendants with cameras to send me their pictures, PLEASE! and thank you. BUT, the shower itself (sorry you can't see any of it) was WONDERFUL! Gracie got lots of pretties and we played very funny preggo games! Lauren (due in 3 weeks) was a pro at the "candy bar / pregnancy word" game and went home with a stash of at least 15 candies. I hope she didn't tell Lee where she got all of that, so he'll think she robbed a gas station or something. I wish i had a picture of her shoveling candy bars into her purse at 37 weeks pregnant. Priceless.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Making progress at record speed!

I apologize for how long this post has to be, but I can't help it! We have lots and lots of updates.

First off, we had a fun dinner at Jason and Joni Ingram's house last weekend. So good to see old friends. Heather and Cadence are home, Jason and Joni and Allie Beth of course, and Shane and Lena and Garret and some others. We miss everyone, but since we're all adults we stay way too busy. I thought my baby would most certainly be the best behaved out of the kiddo bunch, but the babies were all so good and fun! We can't wait to add our little rug rat to the crew. I did not take any pictures of this fun party, so sorry..... maybe we'll be invited to do it again soon and I'll be sure to document.

Next, I've been having such anxiety about my second gestational diabetes test. It's routine, but I still did not want to do it! This pregnancy has been the easiest ever, so I've just been waiting for the bomb to drop. I just knew that I would be diabetic (just in time for my yummy showers coming up.... I'm quite possibly more excited about the food than Gracie's presents!) and diabetes would RUIN my last few weeks of this fun journey. GREAT NEWS! I'm not diabetic! Bring on the cake! Thank goodness that's over. Also, I did NOT get in trouble about my weight gain this time, so all around wonderful dr appt this week. We're at a total gain of 25 lbs so far.... hope I can stay under 35 for the this whole deal, but we'll see. Buddy and I have had this convo before, but he has forgotten until I brought it up again this week that I have never ever had a Big Mac, so I've decided that this is the perfect time in life to enjoy one guilt free! That monumental event should be happening soon, I hope! I will be sure to document that occasion with pictures.
The final night of nursing / breast-feeding class is tonight! So I will be fully educated on all child related topics, right? Buddy and I still feel pretty unprepared for this, but as we always say while watching those stupid TLC baby shows, "If these idiots can do it, we can do it!"
Last but not even close to least, we have our first baby shower this Sunday! Sooooo excited! The best friends and back-up-moms in the world have gone above and beyond to host this precious shower for baby Gracie, and I am so thankful for their generosity and encouragement! I will definitely post all of her girly goodies after the shower.
Update: Uncle Michael is coming home for his final pre-Gracie just 2 weeks! I'll have to soak up all the attention I can get because as soon as the most precious baby in the world finally arrives, he'll probably forget I ever existed.
Now, I better not leave any of this off: Gracie's room and buddy's nesting.
No 1. Gracie's room
Her daddy has done a SUPER job of constructing furniture from nearly a million pieces of tiny parts! It is absolutely beautiful and I just stare at it all the time. Her closet will be the envy of all of her fellow preschool divas in no time flat! We made sure that when we built our house, our first born would have no reason to complain about closet space. It's an exact replica of my own. She also has her own personal bathroom (until child number two ruins all her fun) so I'd say she's got it made. Here's one pic, but I did post the entire process (so far) of her room, furniture and closet in a slide show at the bottom of the blog.

No. 2 Buddy's nesting!
Along with his sympathy weight (so sweet) Bryan is also "nesting." For those not familiar, there is a phenomenon where preggo mommas start to clean and ready their homes for their new special additions. Animals do this, and now the experts (whoever those people are) have decided that pregnant women do it too! I have recently purchased a steam mop and carpet shampooer, so I'm a true believer in this nesting thing. It just hits you, and you can't help it. I told him one day, it's like the most special house guest ever is coming to stay, and the house needs to be PERFECT and CLEAN. Bryan has found me cleaning garbage cans, the plastic trays that hold and organize our silverware, and disinfecting a votive candle for crying out loud!

Well anyway, he is nesting too! So cute. His nesting is somewhat expensive far, we've accumulated some new fishing supplies, a new gun safe (essential), new gun (not that I could point out which one it is, plus I can't get into the gun safe) and he has completely reconstructed the hill outside Gracie's room. I've documented his disease for your viewing pleasure.....

I'm sure a super sized, daddy-made swing set is probably coming next.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Frankly my dear....we DO!

I have been sore at the top of my belly on my right side for a while... not every day but a good bit, and it's not painful, just noticeable. In Tupelo, we found out that it's her head! (silly me, I thought it must have been my bra!)

So I started looking around on the internet about baby presentation and breech babies, and I found this site that had a picture of exactly how she's sitting...... we thought it was funny and it's actually called "Frank Breech" which is unfortunately not funny.

I just thought it was interesting that there's a name for exactly how she's sitting. The sono lady did not point this out as we all laughed about her feet touching her forehead! We must have sounded like idiots to her. Oh well! Not the first time that's happened to any of us I can assure you.

We hope she flips!
This lady discusses all the crazy measures she took to try to flip her baby, we're not doing that. If she turns, she turns, if not... we have a C section. Don't want it, but will accept it gladly if that means she gets here all safe and sound.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Wonderful weekend!

We went to Baby's Kickin in Tupelo this weekend and had the best time! We are definitely going back and I highly recommend it to anyone who is preggers! They are very nice there and seem to love watching your baby play as much as you do. I could go on and on about how much fun that day was, but I posted all of her pics in a slide show at the bottom of the page instead. ENJOY

Most of the time she was trying to hide her face with her hands (and feet!) but we eventually got a few really good images..... and she is sooooo cute! Fat cheeks already =) We all melted and will be a completely worthless bunch of people when she gets here for sure.

We also finished her crib in what seemed like 15 minutes! We were both amazed at how easy that particular piece of furniture was to assemble......and we were babysitting our niece who's 5 at the same time! We'll be super parents for sure, right?! We are not expecting the dresser to be easy at all, but we'll get it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

They slapped me off the scale..... sort of

I had a dr's appointment today, and i
t did not go well. I knew this day would come eventually, but I still was not prepared for the words....."we need to watch your weight gain" and then I just saw her lips moving but I couldn't hear anything until "your weight really jumped up this time" and then more of Charlie Brown's teacher talk. So sad.

I thought I was doing ok with the weight gain. It is very hard to go from watching what you eat and feeling guilty and fatty for every single bite since the age of, oh I don't know, 11, to actually trying to gain weight. So I've been on a cookie and cake marathon that unfortunately ended today. The dr recommends a total gain of 25-30 pounds..... I have a budget of 2-7 pounds left and 11 weeks to go. You do the math.

Sad, sad day.
If you also struggle with the size of your butt, I highly recommend It tracks everything for you and it's totally free. Now, if I would just use that!

The good news is, I'm swollen. And that's nothing to be excited about.

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