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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

13 weeks left!!!

I added a 26 week belly pic to the slide show at the bottom of the blog.....

I can't believe we only have 13 weeks to our due date! It has flown by... the third trimester is officially here and it is MEAN. I keep waking up with some ferocious heartburn. It's disgusting and very annoying, but I guess my body is just getting me used to waking up at all hours of the night =) I also want to complain that my skin on my tummy (while it is still stretch mark free....not for much longer I'm sure) is stretching and sensitive.... Buddy may be rubbing my tummy with sandpaper while I sleep. Aside from these fun things, pregnancy is still the best thing going!

This weekend is going to be a big deal at our house. It's the 4th of what?! Who cares!
Our carpet shampooer should be here any day now, so Gracie's room can be disinfected and prepped for her arrival. Then we can finish her closet (it's just an empty room that holds all of our Christmas decorations at this point). AND then we can put her furniture in her room. I'm not sure all of this will happen, but I like to make a list just to comfort me.

Buddy finished her changing table last night and it is beautiful. We also received her first pottery barn shipment.... she loves it (spoiled already)! She has no clothes, no diapers, no medical supplies, no mattress, no car seat, no stroller, pretty much NOTHING, but she has some pretty pottery barn goodies. If nothing else, she could sleep in a monogrammed canvas tote!

Semi boring week other than a few new discoveries. I attended LBT's baby shower and it was hotter than hellfire! I am a fan of air conditioning. But in an effort to cool off, I filled my tub up with cold water and floated like a whale when I got home! Lovely new trick that I am sure will come in handy throughout the summer.

One disappointing event.... very sad. I had these fabulous maternity "skinny fit" jeans that are so cute with a cuff and everything. Well, they have this magical elastic band on the inside of the waist that attaches to buttons (mine have been buttoned up to this point). Then, when you get big, you just unbutton the elastic and ta-da... bigger pants without anyone knowing. So I put them on this morning and out of nowhere they are way to little!!!!! So I unbutton my handy elastic band, and (you guessed it) still too little. I really hate to start the day off by trying on several too little pairs of pants, it's just not good for the already damaged self esteem. No worries though... I just got some new clothes! YAY, they will probably fit for a whole..... 2 weeks maybe.

This week, I've decided that I can't wait to see how tiny her little butt will be. Not sure where this came from, but one day I just decided that her butt is going to be the cutest thing. Her little butt will fit in my palm.....adorable.

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  1. Hang in there, I'm sure Mississippi summer won't get any hotter than it is now. Surely.


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