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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

only one class left!

Last night (child birth class 3 of 4) was uneventful for the most part....C section video wasn't so bad (we've seen all of that on TLC, so nothing shocking) I continued eating my cookies through the whole thing and we all giggled a bit when the baby's head seemed to be stuck, but I'm sure during the real thing (hopefully won't happen) we wouldn't be too giddy. Unfortunately, nobody passed out in class. Later, we learned how to swaddle and buddy did really well! We had to discuss the purpose of swaddling in detail (it makes them stop crying was explanation enough) and he was on board with burrito babies! Next week we get to tour the birthing suite and nursery, yippee!
There is also a maternity fair at this hospital this Saturday and there are door prizes! Since I won a Wii at MSU's staff appreciation day in May, I figure I should show up and see if my luck is still there (breast pump, breast pump, no whammies!) They will also have refreshments, so it's a win-win.

We did have some very excited things happen during the week. Our new chair and a half and ottoman arrived and we LOVE it! Even more exciting is that we can both fit in it, and Gracie's room is now in progress!!!!!! YAY
The office has now been completely transformed to the guest room. I watched all of this from the sidelines of course. I'll post pics later. Plus, Gracie's furniture is in route to Sturgis, MS! (she's super excited about this and buddy could see her moving my tummy from the other end of the couch!)

Today, I'm officially in my LATE-twenties although I suppose you could consider 26 still in the MID-twenties, don't you? I can't think of a better way to spend my 26th birthday than pregnant with a tiny baby girl! It's going to be yet another great day...I can tell!

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