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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Making progress at record speed!

I apologize for how long this post has to be, but I can't help it! We have lots and lots of updates.

First off, we had a fun dinner at Jason and Joni Ingram's house last weekend. So good to see old friends. Heather and Cadence are home, Jason and Joni and Allie Beth of course, and Shane and Lena and Garret and some others. We miss everyone, but since we're all adults we stay way too busy. I thought my baby would most certainly be the best behaved out of the kiddo bunch, but the babies were all so good and fun! We can't wait to add our little rug rat to the crew. I did not take any pictures of this fun party, so sorry..... maybe we'll be invited to do it again soon and I'll be sure to document.

Next, I've been having such anxiety about my second gestational diabetes test. It's routine, but I still did not want to do it! This pregnancy has been the easiest ever, so I've just been waiting for the bomb to drop. I just knew that I would be diabetic (just in time for my yummy showers coming up.... I'm quite possibly more excited about the food than Gracie's presents!) and diabetes would RUIN my last few weeks of this fun journey. GREAT NEWS! I'm not diabetic! Bring on the cake! Thank goodness that's over. Also, I did NOT get in trouble about my weight gain this time, so all around wonderful dr appt this week. We're at a total gain of 25 lbs so far.... hope I can stay under 35 for the this whole deal, but we'll see. Buddy and I have had this convo before, but he has forgotten until I brought it up again this week that I have never ever had a Big Mac, so I've decided that this is the perfect time in life to enjoy one guilt free! That monumental event should be happening soon, I hope! I will be sure to document that occasion with pictures.
The final night of nursing / breast-feeding class is tonight! So I will be fully educated on all child related topics, right? Buddy and I still feel pretty unprepared for this, but as we always say while watching those stupid TLC baby shows, "If these idiots can do it, we can do it!"
Last but not even close to least, we have our first baby shower this Sunday! Sooooo excited! The best friends and back-up-moms in the world have gone above and beyond to host this precious shower for baby Gracie, and I am so thankful for their generosity and encouragement! I will definitely post all of her girly goodies after the shower.
Update: Uncle Michael is coming home for his final pre-Gracie just 2 weeks! I'll have to soak up all the attention I can get because as soon as the most precious baby in the world finally arrives, he'll probably forget I ever existed.
Now, I better not leave any of this off: Gracie's room and buddy's nesting.
No 1. Gracie's room
Her daddy has done a SUPER job of constructing furniture from nearly a million pieces of tiny parts! It is absolutely beautiful and I just stare at it all the time. Her closet will be the envy of all of her fellow preschool divas in no time flat! We made sure that when we built our house, our first born would have no reason to complain about closet space. It's an exact replica of my own. She also has her own personal bathroom (until child number two ruins all her fun) so I'd say she's got it made. Here's one pic, but I did post the entire process (so far) of her room, furniture and closet in a slide show at the bottom of the blog.

No. 2 Buddy's nesting!
Along with his sympathy weight (so sweet) Bryan is also "nesting." For those not familiar, there is a phenomenon where preggo mommas start to clean and ready their homes for their new special additions. Animals do this, and now the experts (whoever those people are) have decided that pregnant women do it too! I have recently purchased a steam mop and carpet shampooer, so I'm a true believer in this nesting thing. It just hits you, and you can't help it. I told him one day, it's like the most special house guest ever is coming to stay, and the house needs to be PERFECT and CLEAN. Bryan has found me cleaning garbage cans, the plastic trays that hold and organize our silverware, and disinfecting a votive candle for crying out loud!

Well anyway, he is nesting too! So cute. His nesting is somewhat expensive far, we've accumulated some new fishing supplies, a new gun safe (essential), new gun (not that I could point out which one it is, plus I can't get into the gun safe) and he has completely reconstructed the hill outside Gracie's room. I've documented his disease for your viewing pleasure.....

I'm sure a super sized, daddy-made swing set is probably coming next.


  1. Wow, you are too funny! Thanks for the update, I'll see you in a few, love you!

  2. Her room looks great! Love it! I've never had a Big Mac that odd that we've never eaten one?

  3. Gracie's room looks great! And I am with you and Ash...never had a Big Mac!!

  4. Whoever is in charge of our class reunion... Big Mac's should be on the menu! I can't eat one now. I thought I was the only one, but since it's common, I'll just wait it out and we'll all have our first one together!

    Dangit, I was kinda excited about that messy grease bucket of instant heart attach. Oh well!

  5. Smiley is nesting... hahhahahaha! Love it! Your blog makes me laugh always.


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