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Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.”

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Making Progress...

Went to the dr this morning. We're 36 weeks. She'll be full term Sept 15 and due Sept 30. Gracie is head down (good girl!!!) and her heart rate was good. My blood pressure is better than its ever been in my life. I've started to progress, but haven't noticed any contractions, although I read where a midwife tried to explain the "fake" non-progress-producing contractions and she said... "Does the baby ever stick its butt out? Well that's a contraction" hmmmmm, so maybe I have. Obviously not a REAL one or I would know it.

I pre-admitted at the hospital and they said that buddy can bring snacks and his toys (laptop and phone) to keep him occupied. So,everyone should get regular updates =)

Best news, I LOST 1 POUND. I've never been more proud of losing one measly pound in all my life..... hopefully we'll hang out right at 29 lb gain until she gets here! That would be lovely. Going back Sept 11 to see if anything's happening. If not, I get to take my work trip to Jackson Sept 14 - 18! My goal is to make it through Jackson recruiting week =) Then on the way home on Sept 18, those fun hills just outside Flowood surely will help speed things along. I plan on taking those bumps at about 90 mph!

Also, Corbin Lee Tehan is ready for his girlfriend to arrive, so I will try to accommodate. He looks like he's sleeping, but he's dreaming about their first date.
So cute!

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  1. So so glad she is head down! Praying for no c-section! Happy you're still well, and we'll hopefully see y'all at the reuinion!


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