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Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm so sorry....and selfish

I am so sorry for hogging this baby all to myself and not sharing via blog as I should. I just can't be bothered with things like uploading pics and computers. She's so sweet and fun, who cares about the blog. 

Here's some kind of update, hopefully I'm back on track and blogging regularly as I am told to do!

Hey, we love her!

First off...... GRADUATION 

We are so proud of Daddy! Thank goodness school is finally out forEVA
She did great for the big grad day. Until she woke up! We had a full schedule. 
Dinner with Daddy's parents at 4pm. Arrive at the Hump at 6pm. Ceremony at 7pm. Leave Hump at what felt like 2am.... I think it was actually 10pm, not sure. 

She didn't want to eat (more interested in napping) at 5pm before we had to get a move on to make it to the Hump. Well, we get there and she's still sleeping. I start to get concerned when it's been 5 hours and no meal. (She usually eats every 3) She woke up, REFUSED her bottle in her diva style and we headed to the women's PUBLIC restroom to nurse. I'm not sure what my plan was when I got to the bathroom but I wanted to get some food in her tummy. 

Ok, notice that I am in a scarf and sweater dress.... nuff said. I found sweet Anita working graduation in the concourse and she directed me (and mom is now with me - came to check on the baby) to a closet that said "FIRST AID" on the door. If you were in need of first aid, you would not find it in this closet. So, we get her fed and she poops. So we head back to the women's PUBLIC restroom for our first diaper change on a nasty PUBLIC changing table. 
I have plenty enough gear to keep all parts of her from touching any part of that changer. So, finally full belly, check. Clean booty, check. Head back to our seats and daddy is about to cross the stage!!!!

Where's the CAMERA?! I mean we were cutting it close but I got some very blurry shots of him crossing the stage but most important thing.... I heard them say "Bryan C Mattison"  that was worth nursing in a closet any day!
Congrats Daddy, we're so very proud.

I do not have a picture of our day of torture Dec 2 (AKA 2 months shots drs appt) but it was HORRIBLE. We all cried and she screamed like I've never heard her scream before. Probably b/c I've never stabbed her sweet thighs with huge needles. She totally forgot about all of it after a good nap, but I cried again the next day. Worst day of her short life so far, hands down. And we have to do it all over again in another 2 months. We may run away to Mexico where they don't care if you immunize. 

Gracie supports our bulldogs and is not a fair weather fan. Everyone around our seats is so excited about seeing her in her cheer suit next season! (We don't know them at all, but they are very invested since they saw me VERY pregnant at the first two home games and then not so pregnant at the last two!)

Can't wait to cart her and all her gear to the games.... good times


She is a super star and should have her picture on the cover of the rolling stone! I'm currently working on getting her some gigs. She acted just like any diva would. She pitched fits and had to be petted and spoiled a lot during her 2 hour shoot. We love Sarah and Melissa at Twice the Focus Photography in Mathiston! Here's their work. 

Also can't wait to see Tricia Hopper Butts' (of Betty Donne Photography) artsy fartsy pics the week of Christmas, so watch for those! 
(her real daddy's arms holding that sweet baby)
(pretending to be asleep and angelic... I think she nailed it)

That is all... consider yourself updated!


  1. She is PRECIOUS! Love the family pic! Congrats to Bryan!

  2. Well, it's about time you baby Gracie hogger! :) I know how you feel though, but the rest of us would like to adore her as well! Congrats to all of you!


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