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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

They slapped me off the scale..... sort of

I had a dr's appointment today, and i
t did not go well. I knew this day would come eventually, but I still was not prepared for the words....."we need to watch your weight gain" and then I just saw her lips moving but I couldn't hear anything until "your weight really jumped up this time" and then more of Charlie Brown's teacher talk. So sad.

I thought I was doing ok with the weight gain. It is very hard to go from watching what you eat and feeling guilty and fatty for every single bite since the age of, oh I don't know, 11, to actually trying to gain weight. So I've been on a cookie and cake marathon that unfortunately ended today. The dr recommends a total gain of 25-30 pounds..... I have a budget of 2-7 pounds left and 11 weeks to go. You do the math.

Sad, sad day.
If you also struggle with the size of your butt, I highly recommend It tracks everything for you and it's totally free. Now, if I would just use that!

The good news is, I'm swollen. And that's nothing to be excited about.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Nothing worth talking about.....

I was sad when discussing our weekly blog post with buddy today. We have had a pretty uneventful weekend. Nothing to post about. So, I'm trying to remember the week in full detail just in case something worth noting did actually happen. (I was told that I had a "bad attitude" and "was very negative" all weekend, but that could never be true, so no discussion there.)

I attended my first breast feeding class last Thursday night. Very informative. TLC does not have a breast feeding show, (I tivo all "A Baby Story" and "Bringing Home Baby" episodes and watch them on the weekend) so I did not know anything she was talking about. I will spare you all details b/c unless you are planning on BFing soon, you just really don't want to know what all your body will do to sustain life. Yes it is amazing, but it is gross. And anybody who says "It's beautiful" to me one more time..... I will give you amazing, but not beautiful. Clarification, SHE will be beautiful, what my body does is gross.
Friday, I attended a funeral for my dad's cousin at my church. It was actually a nice gathering of family (isn't it sad that you only see some relatives at weddings and funerals?) I swear, I tell buddy everyday that I should have started a list the very day we told everyone we were expecting of "stupid things people say to pregnant ladies." I am not exaggerating one bit. Every single day, never fails, I get some crap comment about how fat I am. That's all they really boil down to. They come in many forms, but they all mean, "you are beyond fat." People just think that since you are pregnant they can comment freely, very freely, on your weight. The funeral was apparently a free-for-all opportunity to hurl fat jokes at Suzanne! Don't you just love family?!
Since I neglected to start the list when I should have, I'll offer some of the top stupid comments here. "Are you sure you're not having twins?!" "Wow, you really are packing on the pounds!" "How much longer? Wow you're going to be EE-NORM-OUS!" "You look like you're about to pop!" I could on and on, but just typing these makes me ill. Lay off, people! Yes I am getting fat! I am fully aware because my clothes don't fit! I promise I've noticed! (Note: Buddy has graciously pointed out to me that I am getting more irritable, so watch your mouth... there's no telling what I will say or do at this point!)
Well, I feel better.

Moving on, we finally got our carpet shampooer. Walmart dropped the ball on their fabulous free cite-to-store shipping, so I went to Lowe's and they had it in stock! I had been waiting 3 weeks on a shampooer that Lowe's had sitting nicely on the shelf the entire time. Oh well, we have it now.
Bryan is master carpenter (built a house, remember) so he is tackling her closet. I watched while laying in the floor snacking on chips. If we hadn't have underestimated our supply need, he would have finished. So now, preggo lady has to go to Lowe's after work and get a 10' long piece of shelving in my car. Hopefully the Lowe's staff will feel very helpful this evening.
Alright, one more thing...... WE HAVE OUR 4D SONOGRAM THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!
To say that I'm excited just does not do justice to the emotion. I have YouTubed 4D sono's all weekend. I am very anxious to see her face, and we will finally get our 100% assurance that she is indeed Gracie and not John, or Bob, or Bill (we obviously have no boy name options picked out). I will post pictures of her gorgeous face immediately, I promise.

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