Genesis 2 : 8 (New Living Translation)

Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.”

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stubborn girl..... who did she get that from?

Drs appt this week was not a huge success to me, but in reality everything is just right! We seem to have one cozy, healthy, happy, and lazy baby. She LOVES me and does not want to leave. What can I say?

My sweet Dr flat out told me and buddy that she did not expect to see this baby before the due date. In fact, she's going to some med conference in Cincinnati and won't be back until my due date. She did say she was on-call this weekend if I could make something happen! If not, I go back Oct 1. She will not induce unless I have progressed some or am one week overdue. She will also not "let" me go past the week of Oct 12. (Pretty sure I will not be able to wait that long without asking to be induced!) Oct 12.... who is she kidding?

6 days until the due date, piece of cake. Speaking of cake...

I needed something to make me slow down on all of the sweets I've consumed in the past 9 months. Well, some poor woman in Indonesia was God's chosen vessel to help me out with that. Bless her heart! She holds the record for giving birth (C-sec of course) to the largest newborn....19 friggin lbs.
Lesson learned, "above average" kids are not always better!

Word on the street is, that poor lil averaged sized newborn pooped his diaper when he saw that monstrosity! And, let the nightmares begin.

So, we finally made it to a watermelon! My lil poppy seed is now a watermelon. Wonder when she'll turn into a newborn?! I'm tired of seeds, fruits, and veggies.... we need a newborn!
Mom has been digging out some fun goodies.... my blanket (probably mine, we think!)

I got her a mobile that is not "matchy, matchy." Totally out of character for me, but this will make her smart (and sleepy we hope) so it's way better than a matchy, matchy pink and green pointless one.

What if Gracie is a boy?! We've all of the sudden started to wonder.... what if they were wrong all those times? Hope he likes PINK..... everything is pink. Everything.

My clothes..... precious. And they still smell of cedar even though they've been washed twice already.

And TA-DAH!!!! my favorite toy of all time! The original Big Wheel! She has two already (one from Aunt Sara and one from Retta). Two is the perfect number to have of each favorite thing I think! One at my house and one at Retta's..... We couldn't give her my actual Big Wheel because I rode the wheels off of it. Man I wish I could take this for a test drive!

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