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Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.”

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Monday, October 26, 2009

I absolutely cannot believe we're starting the 4th week at home. That is CRAZY!  Gracie has good days and bad days and mostly good nights. She only wakes up to eat, but the trick is getting her to go back to sleep! 

It's late. Not uploading pics at this time, but I promise I will get on here with some good head shots soon. (I have made my official request for our first Betty Donne Photography professional photo shoot by Tricia Hopper Butts and cannot wait to see Gracie strut her stuff. Well, she'll probably just lay there, but it will be adorable either way)

Daddy is in charge of bath time and does a fantastic job of it. She LOVES her bath and her daddy and I love for him to hand me a clean, spit-up free, and amazing smelling wee one! Bath nights are great! (If I were on top of my game I would post a pic or even a bath video here...I'll do better)

We read Good Night Moon a lot... a lot. It makes me sleepy and sometimes it makes her sleepy too. 

Our only problem is keeping her food in her tummy. She's a ferocious eater (dubbed "lil piggy") but gets a little too excited about how well she can eat and sucks down too much air or something. Not sure how to remedy this problem but my entire house is about to be covered in spit up if we don't figure out something. She is the absolute best baby, as long as her tummy feels ok. It's so sad to watch (and hear) her in pain.... nasty tum tum.

Attention moms-to-be. Do not listen to anyone who says, "don't buy newborn sized anything, they'll outgrow it in no time" IDIOTS! I listened and we had to get some NB size crap ASAP when we got home cuz everything else swallowed her. We didn't have a single sock that would stay on her foot! She's 4 weeks old (I'm guessing near 9 lbs) and still wearing NB sized cutie pieces and they fit perfectly. Glad we have plenty of NB sized pretties because the princess has to change clothes 4 or 5 times a day (due to spit up mishaps but we'll ignore the reason behind the wardrobe changes)

Did I mention we all LOVE her..... we are all still worthless. 

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