Genesis 2 : 8 (New Living Translation)

Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.”

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I love my husband...

My buddy has been around for a long time. He never loses his temper - he is patient. He never says hurtful things (not on purpose anyway) - he is kind. When I splurge on material possessions AKA crap, he does not feel the need to have a shopping spree of his own - he does not envy. When I am wrong (which is of course rare) he does not say, "I told you so" - he does not boast. He happily carries baby bags and loud purses - he is not proud. He does not take advantage of or dishonor others even though he has had opportunity. He always protects, hopes (even with Mrs Negative Nancy, here), and I know we will persevere.

He has all of the "fruits" of true love. Except one. He is self-seeking for a few months out of the year... It's killing, I mean hunting, season and he is GONE. Either in the woods, up a tree, in a blind, or on the ground- all I know is that he is not here. Since he is pretty much wonderful according to God's standards, I will try to have a better attitude about the killing season(s) that will keep coming around year after year, BUT love never fails and keeps no record of wrong.

So, I love my husband, and with good reason.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

If you are special... you'll get a hard copy

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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Gracie is tough... but not THAT tough. Ok, so when I got to school, her teacher said, "we were bitten today..."

suzanne:      by what? (haven't seen her or the bite at this point)
teacher:       a bear!
suzanne:      I thought like a bug or spider or something... Oh! a kid
                  Well, what did she do?
teacher:       she took a toy, and he bit her, and then she slapped him

Not exactly what you want to hear when you walk in the door at daycare, but HEARING that was nothing compared to SEEING this.

1.) Gracie has a whopping 7 teeth.... should she be in the same class with a big boy who has obviously way more than 7 teeth? He appears to have ALL of his teeth. Just saying.

2.) Ok, Gracie, you win. Your day sucked more than mine.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas cards

Fellow bloggers, jump on this deal!
Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… sign up:

50 Free Christmas cards from shutterfly. I LOVE shutterfly. They make it so easy for even a lazy bum like me to share pics with my family and friends. I have ordered Christmas presents including calendars for the proud grandparents and just because gifts - coffee mugs covered in Gracie's cute mug, and I had the birth announcements ready to go before she could even spit up good!

Now, I love Shutterfly even more because they are starting the Christmas spirit early but giving away Christmas cards for bloggers. Who does that? Seriously, when do you hear about a deal that is actually a good deal - FREE!

Plus, compared to snapfish, I think they have the cutest designs and so many options - maybe too many options for an indecisive person like me. I always look forward to receiving Christmas cards from friends and family - but if you don't have a picture card, I'm very disappointed... We don't get to see everyone as much as we'd like, so please send a picture Christmas card! We've been faced with that awful decision every year - which picture to use for the Christmas card delima. I would always search for "1 photo" cards, but now that we have Gracie, I look for "multiple photo" cards. I guess that just goes to show how we've grown into a little family over the years.

I look forward to seeing your face for Christmas, even if it is on a piece of card stock =)

Sunday, October 24, 2010


If you don't have a friend who is a photographer... Tricia is 1.) super friendly and 2.) an awesome photographer! Friend her! 
Please go and drool over all of our amazing pics at her blog. Thanks! 
I have to say that Gracie was such a sweet girl through her multiple wardrobe changes and all of our demands with props. Such a little model that girl.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm still here...

Ok, so I've been gone for a while - and I'm getting a lot of lip about it. It will take multiple posts to catch up with the happenings in our family since August, but I will attempt it.
So, this post will serve as an index for the upcoming posts.
August - Suzanne starts a new job teaching our future (and it's grim) on campus!
and Sonya and Brent welcome Douglas!
September - pretty much still consumed by new job
Sonya and Stevanie turn one year older
October - Gracie turns ONE! We celebrate with closest and sweetest friends and family
Anni turns ONE, too! And we get to celebrate all over again with more sweet friends and Anni's amazing family. Jimbo turns one year older, and Stevanie starts her new job on campus today! Also, Daddy and the Fun Guy (AKA Jeff) are heading to North Dakota to duck hunt next weekend while Stevanie, Gracie, and I head out to Pumpkinpalooza and her first trick-or-treating experience.
Not to mention, I'm starting to make my list and check it twice (3 gift choices - not purchases - down and countless more to go) because Christmas will be here before you know it! (Possibly before my next post) hahaha just kidding - maybe
Any second now, we'll have the work of the well-known (at least in my circle) photographer / artist / funny girl extraordinaire, Tricia Hopper Butts of Betty Donne Photography. Next post will probably have few words for good reason! CAN'T WAIT =)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Nice girls...

I saw this online today. Originally, I thought it was funny, because I have a corner office... I hear lots of jokes about it. Every time I meet with new people, as soon as they walk in it's always something like, "wow, what did you do?!" or "you must be important, nice office!" etc, etc.
But my first thought was, what's wrong with this office?! Does it get hotter than all other offices on my floor in the summer? or colder in the winter? Does it have a weird smell that cannot be removed? I got this corner office because the girl before me had this office, and she's a nice girl too.
I never once considered that I got this office because I'm not nice. I know what that title implies, and I know that I am a nice girl, so I will go on record saying that if anyone wants to buy this book... don't, because nice girls don't read trash like this!
Don't worry about your office. My best days at work are the days when I'm OUT of my office. It's similar to being on a cruise. You stress out about whether your cabin will be big enough (because they are beyond tiny) but if you are enjoying your cruise, you're nowhere near your cabin.
That's all the philosophy I can muster on this Friday. In Gracie news, we have a top tooth that made it's debut this week! It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here. I have no new pictures because 1.) I STILL cannot get my new phone to sync my email, so I can't send pics other than BBM and 2.) I just need a new camera. period. The buttons on the old one are doing functions that don't go with that particular button. I would say that pretty much equals broken.
Let us all pitch in and get me a new camera! Donations welcome, or you can fix my phone.
Also.... BIG news! No, I'm not pregnant, but Sonya is! And baby Douglas is coming early. Dr's orders. We're having a well deserved baby shower at my house Sunday, so I hope I can get some kind of picture taking plan together before then. It's going to be fun!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Birthday Bash

I was just telling Stevanie that it's been kinda hectic lately and I've neglected the blog. Then I sit down to document our lives lately and discover that not much has happened since my last post. So, I apologize now for having to share my THOUGHTS instead of recent happenings, scary.
It's starting to hit me that I have a birthday party to plan... and a very important one at that! Let's be honest, this first one is really for the adults - all of our friends and family who want to celebrate Gracie's first year of life. Low and behold, October 2 is on a Saturday. We will celebrate the actual day of her birth - one year later.

Bryan can't understand that I need studio portraits of her and a birthday cake before the actual birthday. It's like bridal portraits, no? You will be CRAZY on the actual day, so you have some professional pics taken in advance... makes sense to me. I'll have her a cake to tear up and it'll be so cute! Speaking of the dreaded cake -

I always pick the wrong details to worry about. Birthday party details that worry me: so far, Gracie is a super healthy eater.... no cookies, sugar, cakes, tea, caffeine, coke, nothing - just fruit and veggies and Gerber snacks made from fruit or veggies and only water or milk to drink. She has had crackers but that's not often. She's SO healthy.
There's this woman at daycare - the preacher's wife who freaked me out in the beginning - she keeps asking me if Gracie has "enough teeth for a chicken nugget?!" Everybody laughs it up.. apparently, I'm the crazy mom at school who actually feeds her kid baby food and that's it.

It's really hard not to slap the preacher's wife. I know that I can't be extreme with the healthy eating craziness, but I just don't want her to be one of those kids who survives on nuggets and cookies and chicken tenders, you know the ones who no matter where you go, they eat only chicken! Not my baby girl... no, no. I have to prevent this.

Birthday party in my mind = beginning of the end, healthy eating habits down the drain. She will be introduced to cake and icing, and she will be ruined. I LOVE cake, and I hope she doesn't have to spend the rest of her life avoiding it or feeling guilty when she just can't refuse some fabulous dessert. A little bit of cake and she'll be demanding chicken nuggets in no time flat. And it's so easy to sit a box of nuggets in front of your kid, I'm sure it's tempting for many mom's who just don't have (make) time to put on a production of a meal every single day. The preacher's wife will not win this. It's me vs. preacher's wife and the nugget.

What I should be worrying about: we have CONCRETE floors and Gracie is crawling, soon to be cruising, and walking... and we all know what comes along with that - FALLING! I should be worried about concrete floors instead of stupid chicken nuggets.
I'm considering covering my entire house in foam connecting mats, which is not at all affordable or practical, but then again, I am not at all affordable or practical.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We went to the beach!
I tell you what, I was really dreading the drive to Unkie Mikey's house, but that sweet angel... I had to apologize to her for doubting her sweetness. What a perfect child if I do say so myself! We left after work Friday and she ate dinner in the car (and so did we). She had a diaper change on an exit ramp somewhere around Tuscaloosa and then she went to sleep right on schedule and we drove all night without a hitch!

Thanks to our host and hostess! We're so proud of you!

Aren't they precious?! She looks like Da Da, but has tons of "Michael faces." I tell her all the time, that was a "Michael face"

There's another Michael face (they did not plan the color coordination - I don't think) I nicknamed him "Baby Hog" for the weekend. He had to soak her up, no telling how big she'll be next time.

What.. what? Is that an actual picture with me and she's smiling? Can it be? (not so great of me, but at this point, I can't be picky)

All of these smiling pics we got, she must have thoroughly enjoyed herself! You can't see it, but there's a cute sail boat on her outfit. I did try to outfit her according to the beach theme you know.

I've tried to explain that it's not ladylike to eat with our feet 3 feet apart! But she insists that this is the most comfortable way to eat and if I would just try it, I would be sold too.

No oil on our beaches! But she seemed a little timid in her teeny weeny itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini.... although I told her she's a hottie

She was not a huge fan of the water. (That's the "dada made me get in the water) And she did not appreciate me comparing that scary gulf to her sweet bathtub that we love, but I tried. She kept the frown, but didn't cry unless she was forced to actually touch the water. Not happy about the sand much either. I think she would have felt better if she would have participated with the wearing of the fabulous diva sunglasses she has. She was not feeling the glasses either, though.

Looking concerned, but not too mad.

Is she a super model or what?! Love that little beach baby.

Unfortunately, the camera died before fireworks (obviously because I was using the battery up), which stinks doubly bad because we all dressed up for dinner that night. Looking swank at the Sunset (lovely little eatery) and off to see fireworks for the first time! She LOVED them. Watching the fireworks, she began to see light in a whole new way... she looked up at a streetlight we were semi standing under and gasped at it too, as if to say "have you been holding out all this time? Can you do that too?!" So cute.
It's the best to watch her new discoveries.
When we got home, we celebrated our 8th anniversary just like we did last year. Dinner at Harvey's. Only thing different was that Gracie was not in my belly, but I did have dessert!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

decision maker, I am not

Words never used to describe Suzanne: "works well under pressure, can handle sticky situations, is flexible and goes with the flow, keeps anxiety level in check"... and newly added, "knows how to balance work and family"

Building on the recent Swagger Wagon discussion, I've been missing my Gracie girl. So, I make a plan! Full time teaching job at the jr college = less time than current full time job. I'll start teaching so I can have more time with her, plus I got two degrees and spent many a year in school so that I could do just that. No time like the present (or 3 or so years ago).

Alas, the community college of my dreams needs an English teacher! Sign me up! Hmmm, what have I signed up for? Let's reevaluate the situation. I want more time with Gracie, so let's teach. I have a full time job now, and I suddenly find myself employed teaching not one, but two classes at night. I'm no math whiz, but pretty sure this equals LESS time with baby girl. So add, "can make important decisions that will benefit her family" to the list of words that do not describe Suzanne.

I have to start somewhere and I need to get started on making the (probably several years long) transition into the teaching world. So, wish me luck (and check on Buddy because he'll be single parenting a lot pretty soon)

Gracie, I love you! Da Da will point at my picture so you will know who I am.

Monday, June 28, 2010


I have had a revelation with Sonya today and I must share... Gracie, just know that I was cool (cooler) before you came along. Basically, I've subconsciously started wearing mom jeans. I didn't even notice what I was doing! I dug out my old jeans that I wore every day in jr college (nearly a decade ago, folks) and I didn't make the connections...

I'm wearing mom jeans. What is wrong with me?! In addition to the mom jeans, I've also got my eye on a swagger wagon - Daddy is not at all ok with any of this (the mom jeans included) Let's all remember that I drive a HEMI 5.7 liter gas hog of a vehicle, that does feel very safe because it's a steel box and gorgeous. But I'm looking to downsize. Better gas mileage, warranty, etc and new car smell. I have not paid off the monstrous HEMI and have been advised to settle down with the talk of selling it (I'm not saying who is against it - wait I already did).

I've convinced myself that material possessions are what's in the way of my spending more time with that sweet baby girl... true and not necessarily true all at the same time. I mean, hey... you gotta get to work and you gotta eat, right? But do I really need a HEMI to get me and my precious cargo where I need to go? If your name starts with Da Da, don't answer that.

Current car:

It does have features I never knew existed. Auto dimming and bright headlamps (no longer called headlights if you didn't know) that's right, I don't have to dim the lights. Power lift gate that opens and closes from either the remote, the back, or above the driver's head... handy in the rain at the grocery store. Automatic windshield wipers that come on and adjust speed with the rain. Navigation is a MUST for this driver. These are things that I've gotten really spoiled to having. I only have to hold the steering wheel and stare at the road. I can yell out commands and my phone - hidden somewhere in my purse which is hidden somewhere in my vehicle magically responds. It is super nice, BUT it's huge and overpriced and in the way of more Gracie time (so I've decided)

Next car (possibilities):

All have the same features - that would be NONE. They do come with warranty and much, much, much better gas mileage, but not much else. They are cheap rides that are even cheaper to operate.
The point is that I'm looking at mom friendly cars and wearing my mom jeans - full blown mom mode and LOVING it!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Father's Day...

(thanks Tricia Hopper Butts for the AMAZING pics!)

Father's Day at our house wasn't any different than any other day... Notice how, today seems more appropriate for me to dote on this father than Sunday. So, today is Father's Day for us. Gracie-lu has been sickish since Monday morning. I took off Monday (Mother's Day), Granna had her yesterday (Granna's Day), and today her daddy had his turn - Father's Day. It never even crossed my mind to acknowledge what all he does on a daily basis.

He's a hands-on dad. Period. There's nothing that he isn't willing or able to do for that baby (except "boobfeed") Now, he can't do things as perfect as I can (you know me) but he is always willing to try and then he listens to me tell him how I would have done it. He doesn't really hear her in the night either - but that's my job anyway. Even if I ask him to go tend to her if she wakes up crying, I'm in there within a minute flat (of course telling him not to do whatever he's doing the way he's doing it) so there's no point in waking him up!

She snuggles and hugs him with her special hug reserved only for him. She tilts her head down and looks up at him with her special look only for him, and she says "hey da da!" Totally has no clue what she's saying - she calls everything "da da", but he gets a phrase and a wave and I can't even get "ma ma" not once?!

He's her favorite, and that's ok with me. When I was pregnant I often imagined a daddy's girl. I have this image of her as a toddler doing her best to keep up with him in a tiny pair of rubber boots and nothing else but a diaper. Gracie and her daddy...

For her, Father's Day is every day. Gracie would think it so silly to have only one day to dedicate to da da, she celebrates him every day with arms and legs wiggling and huffs and puffs until he picks her up. So, Happy Father's Day, Da Da on this ordinary Monday. See you at home - it's bath night!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ain't no party like an East Coast party! (JT and Anna's wedding in Baltimore)

Here's what I found on my camera and turned into one pointless post. Enjoy!

We went to Scruggs with daddy... she's now an aspiring truck / tractor driver. I support whatever her dreams may be. That's right, dress for success, baby.

First time in my life I plan ahead and fully charge the camera before daddy's surprise bday party. And then I go and leave the memory card! Worthless, I tell you I am worthless.
This is half the group - the hard drive on the camera holds a whopping one picture. The other half of the L-shaped table was not captured. At least this one has the back of the birthday boy's head.

Took this one on my phone. Cute, huh?! (Nope, I did not make it)

As most of you know (because you were also there) we headed to Baltimore for JT and Anna's wedding. MS was well represented and we had a great time considering sweet Gracie was at my mom's with a fever and teething pain. Not the best visit they could have had, but they both survived! Everyone was happy to have us home.

Favorite quote of the trip...
Will C (with menu in hand): I'll have some raw oysters!
Waitress: Sir, the kitchen is closed
Will C: They're RAW
hahahahaha love it!

Notice Mississippi is jumping right in there to cut up the pig. Also notice, there is no one from Maryland nearby. They are standing at a distance in awe of our animal-dicing skills!
Stand back, people.... we are professionals!

Stevanie, Brandi and I have decided to quit our jobs and become business partners (the husbands are thrilled). People in Maryland LOVE ice cream, yogurt, gelato, etc. They have little shops every few yards. This was my favorite one. A yogurt bar! So fun! You're totally in charge of your yogurt (I of course had sorbet) but it was yummy and fun nonetheless.

Our first ride in the cart. She LOVED it (yes, we are in the baby section, and yes, I know that I am not allowed in that part of the store, so smart me... let's take our picture right.... here. Totally busted.)

Pictures uploaded in a weird order. Deal with it. Back to Baltimore:

Bryan's first meal. Fried plantain on top. I don't have a clue what anything under the plantain is.

Famous crab cake (first of many on my quest for the best)

Why I'm banned from grocery shopping... Let's break down this picture. The only actual food items were thrown on the top of the cart in an attempt to have purchased "groceries" at the grocery store. The other 95% of the cart contains:
2 cell phone toys, a bubble gun, toddler swing, some kind of ball toy thing, bath goodies, loofah, sugar scrub, garbage bags, self tanner, about 50 things of baby food (that's groceries!) and about 150 other items that "were not on the list"

We're over $100 and this much left to go:
face cleanser, baby sunscreen and swim suit, ziploc bowls, infant tylenol, and on and on...I'm in big trouble.

Giddy morning girl. She is the best when she first wakes up.

And again, back to Baltimore... aren't we a pair.
News that I do not have pictures of:

Second tooth popped through out of thin air. Wasn't there yesterday, and this morning HELLO tooth #2! Still no pictures. So stingy with the teeth, that girl. I'll try harder.
Gracie went swimming at school Friday before Memorial Day weekend. I missed this adventure, so I am now demanding a kiddie pool at my house, so I can see firsthand how she liked it. Daddy is not on board with the purchase. Not sure why not. I'll win... hmmmm, if I can just fit it in my grocery cart.

One last thing. Sad day, my friends. I was walking across campus this morning and suddenly approached by a group of students - probably in their late teens maybe 20's (dressed alike and obviously in some kind of camp or competition) Then they drop the bomb on me:
"Excuse me, mam. You work here, right? "
Until this point, I've complained about being confused with students when I'm trying to dress professionally and everything. No more, I am now an old "mam" who works here. Which is correct but still offensive.
Carry on, consider yourself FINALLY updated.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day and teeth!

Gracie was playing in her tub with her rubber ducky when suddenly a white flash caught my eye.... a tooth! I can't believe she has a tooth! She never even let on that she was teething. No drooling or fussing... nothing! It just appeared out of no where. (I will give Stevanie credit for trying to say, I think she's getting a tooth... we ignored her)
Tooth #2 is on it's way in and this experience is a little different. Not terribly fussy, but chewing on her tiny little fingers and not sleeping so good at night. We'll make it... I'm totally not complaining at all....she's a trooper.
TEETH! She's practically grown. I have tried to take a picture of this tiny tooth, but she is stingy with it.. Maybe when the newness wears off, she'll be sweet and show the thing for the camera. It's hard enough to get oral gel in her mouth, much less a camera lens.

On to Mother's day!
I picked Gracie up Wednesday afternoon and as I'm snapping her into the car seat, I spy dried blood on one of her tiny little fingernails.... then I start checking her out. Other hand, same thing - except it's BLUE. Then I see a stray piece of glitter hanging out on her chub cheek.

So, curiosity killing me, I ask in a real smarty pants way, "What have you been doing?! CRAFTING?" and then it hit me.... She made me a Mother's Day Craft!!! I was so excited, and miserable having to wait until Friday afternoon to get my precious first hand made craft.
(look at that hair! I had suspected that they immediately take her bow out everyday when I leave, confirmed) What was she doing crying at school anyway?!

It's proudly displayed on the fridge and she gets excited when I take it down to ask if she made that for me! She is an obvious fan of glitter paint, but that sounds like a mess, so we'll leave the glitter painting to school.

On the actual Day of Mother's I got a cute card signed by Daddy and Gracie. She obviously helped hold the pen.... Looks like a 5 year old wrote it, which is pretty good considering she's a mere 7 months old.
AND, our fave photog, Mrs. Butts was in town for a wedding, so she generously (practically donated) her time and expertise to capture sweet Gracie on campus. I cannot wait to see these sweet pics! Jennifer Garner of Jennifer Garner Designs had just finished monogramming several very cute pieces and Gracie chose the pink dress for her outfit at the chapel. (Hmm, maybe she'll get married at the chapel? Slow down, slow down, it was just a thought!)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

blog... what blog?

Daddy has been out an entire semester... Doesn't feel like that at all to me. I kind of feel like he's still in school! I'm still waiting for all of that free time he was going to have when he finished, where is that?!

His work peeps got him a HUGE cake. I miss that cake. I ate approximately 5 pieces a day. I threw away probably a day's worth of my helpings - I could have eaten the rest of it, easy. I just decided that I wasn't helping save any starving children in Africa by consuming the rest of that delicious cake - it wasn't doing me any favors either. You know when you have something like that in your house and you have to get rid of it so you'll stop eating it... well, I ate it as fast as I could so I could stop eating it.

He looks pretty dang excited about it! I think it's a pretty good idea to celebrate graduation each year with a cake like that. June can't get here fast enough.... multiple birthday cakes =)

Since we were discussing school and being out of school and how great it is to be OUT of school, we somehow got on the subject of getting back IN school. Not sure what we had smoked prior to the conversation, but we actually thought it would be a good idea to both go back to school. We must be very bored and this is the best thing we can come up with to fill all that spare time we've got. At the end of our silly and very casual convo about grad school Friday, I sent out emails of inquiry and headed home for the weekend. I get back Monday morning and faculty advisers are calling me to discuss their programs, etc.... I had totally forgotten all about it! Lucky for me, I'm "not a candidate" for several of them! Didn't hurt my feelings any.

Not feeling the "go back to school" thing at all - especially when I read "intensive weekends, compressed video, and internet courses" I'd rather spend my weekends on the porch like this... taking video of Gracie Girl and then playing on the internet while uploading my pics.

LOVES bath night....

New scrunching nose thing.

Uncle Michael finished tax season and finally gets to make the trek home, and what do we do? We all leave our cameras at home.... too excited to be bothered with things like silly cameras.
She's making a very "Michael" face.

Bryan took these on his phone..... it's the best I could do with these poor quality shots.
She really, really likes him.... Pretty sure she's ready for another visit!
During Unkie Mikey's trip home, we went to the pasture to see the new baby girl.
Dad's horsey, Dixie Pizazz had her baby - Marylou! (Every time I say her name I start in on... "Hello, Marylou / Goodbye heart / Sweet Marylou I'm so in love with you!" It gets stuck in my head every time.
P.S. We sleep through the night almost every night.... God is Good!
I think that's enough... Consider yourself updated!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Why are our names even on this blog...

One brief non-Gracie item... Yesterday, we were at a red light and saw the horror of horrors - a baby in the lap of the passenger / baby daddy / current beau / drug dealer (who by the way, was downing a 24 oz), with no car seat! So, I did my usual yell-through-the-window "CAR-SEAT... (pointing at baby) CAR-SEAT"

Well, I have unfortunately had to do this many - I'd say at least 5 - times, but this is the first time I have gotten a response. The driver (the proud mom I assume) rolled down her window and yelled, f--- you, b----! Just when I thought I could be mom of the year, this lady had to ruin my chances.

Ok, back to Gracie. First Easter x 3 egg hunts + 1 birthday party = 1,000 pictures. Observe

These are at the President's home - Bryan went to the annual Egg Hunt when he was a bitty baby too!

Having fun for about one second.

If you take one more picture of me and this stupid basket...

No caption needed, but I'll say it anyway.... Daddy's girl.
I had a devious plan. This Friday, I was off and Daddy had to work, so I have ALL DAY to practice "ma ma." Plan backfires - she now says "da da" constantly and acts like she's never heard "ma ma" in her life.

So pretty! and a little creepy - maybe a little too much on the editing there, Mom.

Wants to be just like me - have some real goals, Baby.

Refusing to sit up on her own even though she can

Contemplating Easter and all it's glory

Why do I put my face next to this beauty queen?! Who could compete?

Our first friend.... Sweet Emmi

This is Gracie's world and we just play in it.

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