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Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.”

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Monday, March 1, 2010

we can eat with a spoon.... sort of

Gracie has the biggest crush on her daddy... It's sooo cute! Just look at this face.

I will translate, "Oh, Daddy, you want me to take my milk with nasty rice flakes in it out of a silly spoon?! OK, whatever you say as long as I can look into your dreamy eyes!"

We are trying rice cereal! She neither loves nor hates the stuff. (note, soft infant plastic spoons will melt in the dishwasher... I learned the hard way)
Why is my food on my chin?!

I can almost hear the "slurp" sound in this pic. She's so proper!

Still no giggling going on at our house. Any idea that we may have had about us being funny people has dwindled into nothing. Either we are very dull, or she has a very dry sense of humor (but we think she is hilarious!)

One last thing, when you are out and about and run into some people who have a very cute baby with them.... pause and think about what you will say BEFORE you say it. New moms (like me) have a complex and over analyze everything that is said about their baby.

We were walking through the ghetto-Belk when a stranger approached with a "compliment" on my bundle. And I quote, "oh! She's so...........LONG" Well, what does that mean?! Is she TOO long? Is she freakishly tall? What is it? Out of 100 kids, she's taller than 75 of them. So, she's tall, but not a freak. Leave us alone.

I bet Giselle, Cindy Crawford, and Tyra Banks' moms got comments like this all the time! I guess it's the price you pay to be a super model.


  1. What? That is a very weird comment.

  2. Hilarious! Keep loving on that super model baby! :)


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