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Monday, May 24, 2010

Ain't no party like an East Coast party! (JT and Anna's wedding in Baltimore)

Here's what I found on my camera and turned into one pointless post. Enjoy!

We went to Scruggs with daddy... she's now an aspiring truck / tractor driver. I support whatever her dreams may be. That's right, dress for success, baby.

First time in my life I plan ahead and fully charge the camera before daddy's surprise bday party. And then I go and leave the memory card! Worthless, I tell you I am worthless.
This is half the group - the hard drive on the camera holds a whopping one picture. The other half of the L-shaped table was not captured. At least this one has the back of the birthday boy's head.

Took this one on my phone. Cute, huh?! (Nope, I did not make it)

As most of you know (because you were also there) we headed to Baltimore for JT and Anna's wedding. MS was well represented and we had a great time considering sweet Gracie was at my mom's with a fever and teething pain. Not the best visit they could have had, but they both survived! Everyone was happy to have us home.

Favorite quote of the trip...
Will C (with menu in hand): I'll have some raw oysters!
Waitress: Sir, the kitchen is closed
Will C: They're RAW
hahahahaha love it!

Notice Mississippi is jumping right in there to cut up the pig. Also notice, there is no one from Maryland nearby. They are standing at a distance in awe of our animal-dicing skills!
Stand back, people.... we are professionals!

Stevanie, Brandi and I have decided to quit our jobs and become business partners (the husbands are thrilled). People in Maryland LOVE ice cream, yogurt, gelato, etc. They have little shops every few yards. This was my favorite one. A yogurt bar! So fun! You're totally in charge of your yogurt (I of course had sorbet) but it was yummy and fun nonetheless.

Our first ride in the cart. She LOVED it (yes, we are in the baby section, and yes, I know that I am not allowed in that part of the store, so smart me... let's take our picture right.... here. Totally busted.)

Pictures uploaded in a weird order. Deal with it. Back to Baltimore:

Bryan's first meal. Fried plantain on top. I don't have a clue what anything under the plantain is.

Famous crab cake (first of many on my quest for the best)

Why I'm banned from grocery shopping... Let's break down this picture. The only actual food items were thrown on the top of the cart in an attempt to have purchased "groceries" at the grocery store. The other 95% of the cart contains:
2 cell phone toys, a bubble gun, toddler swing, some kind of ball toy thing, bath goodies, loofah, sugar scrub, garbage bags, self tanner, about 50 things of baby food (that's groceries!) and about 150 other items that "were not on the list"

We're over $100 and this much left to go:
face cleanser, baby sunscreen and swim suit, ziploc bowls, infant tylenol, and on and on...I'm in big trouble.

Giddy morning girl. She is the best when she first wakes up.

And again, back to Baltimore... aren't we a pair.
News that I do not have pictures of:

Second tooth popped through out of thin air. Wasn't there yesterday, and this morning HELLO tooth #2! Still no pictures. So stingy with the teeth, that girl. I'll try harder.
Gracie went swimming at school Friday before Memorial Day weekend. I missed this adventure, so I am now demanding a kiddie pool at my house, so I can see firsthand how she liked it. Daddy is not on board with the purchase. Not sure why not. I'll win... hmmmm, if I can just fit it in my grocery cart.

One last thing. Sad day, my friends. I was walking across campus this morning and suddenly approached by a group of students - probably in their late teens maybe 20's (dressed alike and obviously in some kind of camp or competition) Then they drop the bomb on me:
"Excuse me, mam. You work here, right? "
Until this point, I've complained about being confused with students when I'm trying to dress professionally and everything. No more, I am now an old "mam" who works here. Which is correct but still offensive.
Carry on, consider yourself FINALLY updated.

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