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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day and teeth!

Gracie was playing in her tub with her rubber ducky when suddenly a white flash caught my eye.... a tooth! I can't believe she has a tooth! She never even let on that she was teething. No drooling or fussing... nothing! It just appeared out of no where. (I will give Stevanie credit for trying to say, I think she's getting a tooth... we ignored her)
Tooth #2 is on it's way in and this experience is a little different. Not terribly fussy, but chewing on her tiny little fingers and not sleeping so good at night. We'll make it... I'm totally not complaining at all....she's a trooper.
TEETH! She's practically grown. I have tried to take a picture of this tiny tooth, but she is stingy with it.. Maybe when the newness wears off, she'll be sweet and show the thing for the camera. It's hard enough to get oral gel in her mouth, much less a camera lens.

On to Mother's day!
I picked Gracie up Wednesday afternoon and as I'm snapping her into the car seat, I spy dried blood on one of her tiny little fingernails.... then I start checking her out. Other hand, same thing - except it's BLUE. Then I see a stray piece of glitter hanging out on her chub cheek.

So, curiosity killing me, I ask in a real smarty pants way, "What have you been doing?! CRAFTING?" and then it hit me.... She made me a Mother's Day Craft!!! I was so excited, and miserable having to wait until Friday afternoon to get my precious first hand made craft.
(look at that hair! I had suspected that they immediately take her bow out everyday when I leave, confirmed) What was she doing crying at school anyway?!

It's proudly displayed on the fridge and she gets excited when I take it down to ask if she made that for me! She is an obvious fan of glitter paint, but that sounds like a mess, so we'll leave the glitter painting to school.

On the actual Day of Mother's I got a cute card signed by Daddy and Gracie. She obviously helped hold the pen.... Looks like a 5 year old wrote it, which is pretty good considering she's a mere 7 months old.
AND, our fave photog, Mrs. Butts was in town for a wedding, so she generously (practically donated) her time and expertise to capture sweet Gracie on campus. I cannot wait to see these sweet pics! Jennifer Garner of Jennifer Garner Designs had just finished monogramming several very cute pieces and Gracie chose the pink dress for her outfit at the chapel. (Hmm, maybe she'll get married at the chapel? Slow down, slow down, it was just a thought!)

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