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Friday, July 23, 2010

Birthday Bash

I was just telling Stevanie that it's been kinda hectic lately and I've neglected the blog. Then I sit down to document our lives lately and discover that not much has happened since my last post. So, I apologize now for having to share my THOUGHTS instead of recent happenings, scary.
It's starting to hit me that I have a birthday party to plan... and a very important one at that! Let's be honest, this first one is really for the adults - all of our friends and family who want to celebrate Gracie's first year of life. Low and behold, October 2 is on a Saturday. We will celebrate the actual day of her birth - one year later.

Bryan can't understand that I need studio portraits of her and a birthday cake before the actual birthday. It's like bridal portraits, no? You will be CRAZY on the actual day, so you have some professional pics taken in advance... makes sense to me. I'll have her a cake to tear up and it'll be so cute! Speaking of the dreaded cake -

I always pick the wrong details to worry about. Birthday party details that worry me: so far, Gracie is a super healthy eater.... no cookies, sugar, cakes, tea, caffeine, coke, nothing - just fruit and veggies and Gerber snacks made from fruit or veggies and only water or milk to drink. She has had crackers but that's not often. She's SO healthy.
There's this woman at daycare - the preacher's wife who freaked me out in the beginning - she keeps asking me if Gracie has "enough teeth for a chicken nugget?!" Everybody laughs it up.. apparently, I'm the crazy mom at school who actually feeds her kid baby food and that's it.

It's really hard not to slap the preacher's wife. I know that I can't be extreme with the healthy eating craziness, but I just don't want her to be one of those kids who survives on nuggets and cookies and chicken tenders, you know the ones who no matter where you go, they eat only chicken! Not my baby girl... no, no. I have to prevent this.

Birthday party in my mind = beginning of the end, healthy eating habits down the drain. She will be introduced to cake and icing, and she will be ruined. I LOVE cake, and I hope she doesn't have to spend the rest of her life avoiding it or feeling guilty when she just can't refuse some fabulous dessert. A little bit of cake and she'll be demanding chicken nuggets in no time flat. And it's so easy to sit a box of nuggets in front of your kid, I'm sure it's tempting for many mom's who just don't have (make) time to put on a production of a meal every single day. The preacher's wife will not win this. It's me vs. preacher's wife and the nugget.

What I should be worrying about: we have CONCRETE floors and Gracie is crawling, soon to be cruising, and walking... and we all know what comes along with that - FALLING! I should be worried about concrete floors instead of stupid chicken nuggets.
I'm considering covering my entire house in foam connecting mats, which is not at all affordable or practical, but then again, I am not at all affordable or practical.

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