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Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.”

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So my last post was from lobster fest - TWO WHOLE MONTHS AGO. I'm aware that all caps are rude and should be reserved for yelling, but sheesh.

Since lobster fest, quite a bit has happened around here. I'll try to go in chronological order if at all possible, but my mind is a scary, scary place.

1. April marked the end of the semester (beginning of summer!) and Uncle Michael came to visit since it was also the end of tax season. Gracie loved the visit and so did the grown ups. We'll be making a trip down to Florida soon for another visit - this one with beach activities and Gracie's bikini.

2. Also in April, we found out that baby #2 is Baby Sister! I have to admit, I had some serious pouting going on for at least a week, but I am now very, very excited to watch sisters interact and hopefully be best friends (on again, off again best friends of course). The due dates are 23 months to the day apart, so I'm hoping that all of Gracie's clothes can be used for baby sister... minus the 100s of items that have "Gracie" embroidered on them. I do love a monogram.

3. Early May I find out that I will not be teaching on campus in the fall. Turns out my due date is super inconvenient for the department and they would rather not deal with it. Yes, I contacted HR, and no, it is not illegal because I'm 9 month faculty. Sucks though, right? We're making the most of this "opportunity" and I'm slowing convincing myself that I'm really looking at a fabulous maternity leave for baby #2. I have some online classes I will teach because I have to have a paycheck to feel some self worth - a personality flaw that doesn't necessarily need working on right now.

4. Also in May, Gracie and I have been hiding out at home. Together. 24/7. We are both forming a dangerous attachment. I noticed her attachment when I would leave the room or when I would get out of the car (leaving another responsible adult in the car with her, of course) and she immediately noticed and asked for Momma. I did NOT notice my own attachment until Daddy and I went to a birthday dinner and needed to run to the grocery store after, so we packed Gracie's "pack pack" and sent her to Nonnie (formerly Granna but Gracie made up this new name and it's stuck) and Papaw's house for the night... I could not sleep and was on the brink of tears quite a few times before she returned home a mere 15 hours later! Terrible. She's so addicting.

I put off Gracie's 18 month check up because the last time we went for a check up, she was in the 5th% for weight... I had watched that number go from 90th to 50th to 25th and then to 5th and I was not at all looking forward to hearing that she was so skinny she was no longer on the charts! However, she's a whopping 22 lbs! And back in the 25th % for weight! Of course our sweet pediatrician said she's perfect.
And really, I already knew that... silly me to worry.

5. Baby Sister FINALLY gets a name in late May. Gracie June was difficult to come up with, but I think it only took us a couple of weeks after we found out her gender. This time around was more civil and less name calling trying to name the baby instead of each other, but it took forever! We've settled on Clara for baby sister. Clara Kate sounds so cute together, but I think I'm just too lazy for a double name. I hope that Gracie doesn't really get any better at pronouncing "Clara" because whatever she says the few times she's attempted to say it, sounds nothing like Clara but it's pretty cute.

6. AND the very end of May, we are excited as always to have THE Tricia Hopper Butts taking some fab shots of the fam! We missed her last visit home because of the silly cabin getaway in March, so it's been 7 months since we've had pics taken... Gracie wasn't walking and we had just celebrated her 1st birthday. Seems like a lifetime ago, so I'm anxious to capture the bigger, faster version of sweet Gracie and maybe get a blurred, distant shot of Clara under layers and layers of material.

7. Gracie is starting to talk to my belly and give it kisses some too. She recently made an incredible discovery that my belly button is actually a portal to baby sister. She can tell me "shhhh Baby" when Clara is asleep by peeking in the portal and she can even communicate with her by speaking loudly into the belly button. It is the cutest thing that she discovered on her very own... I had no idea this type of communication and viewing were even possible! Clara is going to have to be one tough girl the second she arrives because Gracie is fond of showing you where your "eye-ees" are... she can even find them when they're closed. Look out Clara! And although my belly and mind and appetite were completely looked after and comforted during Gracie's journey to the world, poor Clara is not being given the same luxurious lifestyle as she develops. Gracie has certainly kicked her in the nose a few times already and I'm actually not eating as much cake as I did with Gracie (hard to believe if you've seen me eating desserts this time around, but I assure you I was worse with Gracie).

9. Since I'm at home, I've been tackling "projects." One day my project was cleaning - I cleaned out the DVR. Another day was cleaning - I cleaned out Daddy's closet and donating pretty much ALL of the contents to the tornado victims in our area. (I felt productive and generous - especially generous since it wasn't my clothes). Here are some before and after shots of various projects around the house. Clara's room is the storage room basically and has housed such items as the Christmas tree, tax papers from as recent as 2006, gift wrap, vacuum cleaner, guest bed (burried under these other more important items), TWO tv's that we don't use, and of course air intake filters. Obviously, I have to find a new home for all of these items, so I have to clean out other areas of the house to move these items to those areas.... it's exhausting just thinking about it. Gracie is such a helper. I'm certain she saves me about negative 20 minutes for every hour of work.... bless her heart.

10. I'm also pretending that I'm morphing into a super duper stay at home mom (which I'm not, and I never asked to be a stay at home mom - I DID ask for part-time work, and that's what I got, but anyway) I am perusing crafting blogs where ladies of 3 and 4 kids find time and energy and creativity to create some amazing things from items around their house or from thrift stores. I too want to be thrifty and crafty and amazing... but I'm not any of those things. I am cheap, but I stick to finding already made items on sale. I have requested mom's glue gun, so we'll see what kind of damage I can do! It's fun to pretend, but I have ZERO creativity and crafting skills. If you want to drool at their abilities with me, some of my favorites so far include So You Think You're Crafty (no, I already said I am not, but she certainly is) and Positively Splendid. I will attempt the fabric covered diaper boxes / storage bins
and I'm planning to purchase some Mod Podge but not sure if I will do anything with it after the purchase.

Ok. As I have said at the end of most of the previous blogs, I will try to do better at documenting our going ons since I truly have nothing else to do... other than make sure the DVR stays fresh and clean. I do have to view those shows before deleting them though, and that is very time consuming especially when you consider pee and snack breaks.


  1. You make me laugh E V E R Y time!

  2. Suzanne you are hilarious. You should consider writing one of those funny mom books like Erma Bombeck. Hey, and thanks for the shout-out! Can't wait to see you guys!

  3. Now that's a post!! Thanks for updating! and I completely agree with Tricia, you need to write a book! love you guys!

  4. oh, and i'm still not seeing the Peacocks on your blog list...are you embarrassed :{


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