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Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.”

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Daddy's birthday...

I have been sooooo spoiled by supper club! I haven't made an entire meal for a group of folks in forever. Daddy's birthday was quickly approaching and we had zero plans. We actually had a not fun thing to do on his actual birthday night, so I didn't make any party plans. The not-so-fun plans fell through (yay!) and I had one whole day to contact our friends, hit the grocery story, clean up my house, and cook dinner before everyone arrived at 7 pm... AND I'm super whiny and pregnant. Not a good combo.
 My anxiety level must have been rising to a scary level because my neighbor... the sweetest and prettiest woman in the world, Gan Gan, called and offered to keep Gracie while I ran to the store! She's amazing. Gracie came home talking about "gee gee" all afternoon. If that wasn't sweet enough, she dropped off some stuffed eggs. Her status as the best neighbor ever is secure.
 cooking more than one thing at one time is not one of my good qualities.
 And daddy requested a coconut cake but I was too busy to take a pic of how gorgeous it turned out after leaving the cake pans. It was pretty though...  oh well
And jumbo cupcakes just in case someone didn't like coconut (and I thought there was a good chance I would have at least one of these leftover for me later, but I also had one after dinner)

I was feeling slightly overwhelmed but mostly tired and achy with contractions, so poor daddy grilled the chicken quarters on his very own birthday... bless it. These were the best part of the meal. They were dee-lish and beautiful and all gone - thus no pics.

Everyone looked beautiful and summery, the kids had SO MUCH FUN all together at last, and new baby Emily got to come too... did I get a picture of all of our friends all prettied up? No, because I was just lazy and sitting down. I must have whined just the right amount because instead of leaving as soon as they had finished their meals (which would have been due to too much whining) or sitting around visiting (I chose visiting!) while I cleaned up the mess (which would have been due to too little whining), my precious friends cleaned my entire kitchen. That's right. Every last dish.

Love them.

As you can see, in true Suzanne fashion, this birthday party was not about Daddy at all, but all about ME. It's the hormones, can't help it.

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