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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Poor daddy...

And for father's day, I will try to coupon.

He's a hard working man... he wears a steel hard hat (I don't really know the words to that song). Our daddy does work hard, and since this couponing thing is the latest trend along with my leggings (HOORAY!) 

I thought I would give the couponing a go...
Here are my tools. I planned to hit CVS because it seems like the easiest reward system, and I already have a CVS Extra Care Card. Here's my prep:

 And here's my bootie:
 And again...

I'm not convinced that I saved ANY $... I spent $90 on this. My receipts say I saved $23.35 on my first purchase. 

And then I went back through the store and purchased my other items on the "extra bucks" I had just earned - supposedly saving $49.95 on that purchase. 

Here's what I got:
Tony's seasoning ($.85)
2 Colgate Max something special toothpastes ($2.79 each)
1 Colgate 3D Vivid White Strips (they better work!) ($44.50 - $7 coupon)
1 Cottonelle toilet tissue ($8.97)
1 92 count Pampers Swaddlers for Clara (only the best for my baby) ($20)
1 216 count Huggies wipes for Gracie ($6)
1 Pantene shampoo ($3.49)
1 Pantene conditioner ($3.49 - $3 coupon)

That total was $89.36 then I got $26 extra bucks and bought:

2 Arm & Hammer detergents - B1G1 free ($6.79)
1 Gain dish soap ($.97)
2 CinnToast Crunch ($4)
6 bags of Lay's 3-BBQ and 3-Sour Cream B1G1 free ($12)
Whole Milk for Gracie ($3.87)

I paid $2.53 for the second purchase. But I just don't have the "I just saved a whole bunch of $!" feeling... I'm just not sure that if I had gone to Kroger I couldn't have come out just as good without having to go through the entire CVS add, read the fine print about quantity limits, check out twice, etc. I need to find out what I would have paid for these items at my regular Kroger store.

On a happier and much less exhausting note, fave photog Tricia Hopper Butts pulled through yet again! Looky at what I got in the mail!
 She just does not like us...
 She's warming up a little...
 Nope... there she goes again. Not a happy face, Gracie.
Slightly concerned about how long this will take, but thinking about smiling.

 Maybe it's just me... she does like her daddy though.
 And she's so dang pretty, who cares if she's grinning big or not?! Just look at those big girl teeth! 
Time for Gracie - star of the show pics - 

Gracie imitating Tricia
 I'm free!
 Dancing with momma... isn't that what everyone does during a photo shoot?!
 This is kind of a fun day, you guys!
 What? I belong in a magazine?
 Sure, I can model with props!
 And I can do this...
All while looking pretty.

We LOVE Tricia!!! Plus we had a fun visit. Can't wait for baby sister Clara to arrive so Gracie can teach her all the cool moves for photo sessions. 


  1. i'm very fascinated by the idea of couponing! sounds like you did pretty good!! also, i LOVE your pictures! tricia is talented (although it can't be THAT hard to take a cute picture of gracie!!!). gotta love tricia. hope you're feeling well!!!

  2. Fantastic! See you guys in a few days!


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